March 26, 2011
mCoA2++ is available.


November 30, 2010
mCoA++ is available.



Multiple Care of Address Registration

Mobile IPv6, specified in the RFC3775, is in fact the mobility management protocol for IPv6 familly protocols. Several extensions have been standardized to empower this protocol for the challenges of the next generation networks. One of them is the Multiple Care of Address Registration (MCoA), specified in RFC5648.

MCoA enables the registration of multiple care of addresses. In this sense, MCoA extends MIPv6 by allowing the registration of multiple addresses configured on the diverse interfaces, or simply on a single interface receiving multiple prefixes in the router advertisements.

mCoA++ is a free implementation of MCoA in OMNeT++. mCoA++ is based on xMIPv6, which we found to be the most accurate implementation of MIPv6 for OMNeT++. Several codes changes have been proceed, jump to the documentation for a catch up of mCoA++.